That Shifty Shrub

Over the weekend, my mom tackled some serious weeding.

At my house.

I am very grateful and she was very happy to do it. Together, we went to a nearby plant nursery and chose some sun-loving perennials to make a new home in my freshly weeded triangle shaped bed. Right now, there is still a lot of dirt showing but eventually the flowers will spread and the bed will look great.


The bed looked so much better than before my mom fixed it that I got inspired to try and do some more landscaping on my own after she left for home. One of the first things I wanted to do was remove a bush. There was nothing wrong with it, I just didn’t like it: not the prettiest thing, in my opinion. So, how hard can it be to dig up a shrub?

Well, I was in for a surprise. It was hard. Even with my two year old helping me out by pulling on the branches with the metal kitchen tong, we were having a tough time. I used a shovel to dig up under the bush and loosen most of the roots, but there were some central roots that just wouldn’t let go. I tried pulling the shrub out with no success.

Finally, I resorted to sitting on the ground in front of the stubborn bush. I peeled the bush back by pushing on it with my legs as if I was attempting to do a thigh press. While my legs were getting a work-out, I took a pruning clipper and cut away as much of the remaining roots as I could. After a few minutes enough had been cut away and I was able to lift the shrub out of the ground.



Ugh. Look how nasty that thing is (it was green; I had cut away the branches to make it easier to dig around). Anyway, the shrub is history! I intend to plant some perennial flowers in its place.

I came away from the event looking like I had just spent the afternoon baling hay (scratches decorated my limbs). But, I kinda had fun. And I loved that my little guy was so willing to help me. The landscaping project will continue. As we just moved into a new home, most of the landscaping needs some serious attention. I know it will take me more than one summer to beautify everything. For now, I’ll enjoy the memory of straining over that silly bush and spending some quality time with my toddler.


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