Oatmeal Flour Pancakes

Pancakes don’t have to be that delightfully tasty breakfast meal that you want to eat all the time but think you really shouldn’t because they aren’t the healthiest morning meal option out there. I love pancakes, and if they were super healthy, I’d likely have them almost every morning.


Here’s something I tried as a way to give them a bit more nutrition: I made them with oatmeal flour instead of white flour. All I did was pulverize some whole oats in my coffee grinder and follow the same pancake recipe I always use. I simply substituted the “oatmeal flour” for the regular flour. They cooked very well and were absolutely delicious! My son and I gobbled up two of them in no time flat.


This is what my second one looked like. If anything, they weren’t quite as fluffy as when using normal white flour. However, they were just as tasty and best of all, they were a little healthier. Oats provide more fiber than white flour, and in my book that’s always a plus. I’ll definitely be making these again!